HardTuned Athletes

HardTuned is not only a clothing brand, it's a lifestyle & community comprising of passionate people from around the world that all have the same vision. 

From our design team, dispatch staff, professional racers and brand ambassadors - we are all car enthusiasts and all profits from this store go back into the car scene and help support us in doing what we love.

Interested in joining the team? 
We're currently looking for brand ambassadors, media professionals and professional athletes to join the HardTuned family! 
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HardTuned Team Pro Athletes

We love motorsport and are proud to have some these awesome people as part of the HardTuned family.

Forrest Wang - UNITED STATES
Formula Drift Pro Series Driver - 2JZ Powered S15

Naoki Nakamura - JAPAN
D1GP Professional Drifter - 2JZ Powered S15

Victor Joensuu - SWEDEN
Swedish Professional Drifter - BMW E92 Eurofighter

Linus Joensuu - SWEDEN
Swedish Professional Drifter - BMW E92 Eurofighter

DCA / EuroDrift Champion - Silvia's, AE86's BMW's To hard to keep up! 

Levi Clarke - AUSTRALIA
Exedy Team Drifter - LS V8 Turbo S15

Atila Carbon - SPAIN
Spanish Drift Championship Driver

Zeynep Suzer - UAE 
Drift/Autocross/Time Attack/Gymkhana