We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions, so before reaching out to us, check to see if there's an answer for your question here.

Where is my order? Has my order been delayed? 

If you have already received a tracking link then most of the time, your package is still on its way to you but may be taking a little longer than expected. Follow these steps to see if you can find any further information regarding the delivery:

  1. Check the tracking information we provided to you in the shipping confirmation email.
  2. If the most recent update was in the last 3-5 days, the package is on its journey to you and the link is updating as it should.
  3. If the last update was (delivered  or it hasn’t been updated in 10 business days) and you do not have the package or any further updates, contact Australia Post directly and raise an investigation with them, they will be able to provide you with any information regarding the delivery
  4. If Australia Post are unable to assist you, send us an email atsales@hardtunedstore.com and we will raise an investigation on our end.

If you never received a dispatch confirmation or tracking link from us, then please send us an email tosales@hardtunedstore.com so we can look into it for you.

More information regarding shipping can be found here: Shipping Page

 An item is missing from my order, what happened?

Follow these steps so we can help you out.

Send us an email at sales@hardtunedstore.com and be sure to include these details:

  1. Your order number
  2. Photos of what you’ve received
  3. Full shipping address

Our support team will be happy to look into that for you and get that missing item shipped out to you as soon as possible!

The item I bought doesn’t fit, how can I exchange it for a different size?

As long as the products are still in new and unused condition, you can follow these steps to organize an exchange.

Send us an email and be sure to include:

  1. Your order number
  2. The exchange required
  3. Full Shipping address
  • Our support team will send you the address you need to ship the item back to us (unfortunately we do not arrange return labels for sizing issues).
  • Once the package arrives back to us, we can ship out the requested size.

I received the wrong item, what do I do?

If this happens, follow these steps and we can get that fixed up for you.

Send us an email and be sure to include:

  1. Your order number
  2. Full Shipping address
  3. Some photos of the incorrect item

Our support team will be happy to organise the correct item to be shipped out to you as soon as possible and once the new tracking information has been generated, we will forward it through to you (if applicable). In some cases we may also arrange a return label and attach it to the email for you to use to send the incorrect item back to us.

My EL Flex Panel is having some issues, what do I do?

If you are having any problems with your EL Flex Panel please follow these steps to see if the issue can be fixed:

  1. Try using a power bank or wall adaptor to connect the sticker to a power supply with a higher voltage. Cheap USB car chargers may not provide enough power to supply the panel correctly.
  2. If the issue remains, leave the sticker unplugged from power for at least 24 hours and uninstall the application from your phone (if using the app). Once the 24 hours has passed, reconnect it to power and reinstall the application and try to connect it.

If the issues still persist, send us an email with some photos and videos and let us know that you did the steps listed above and we can come to a resolution for you!

My Custom Text / Social Sticker doesn’t have any writing on it!

Be sure to have a look in the package you received, there should be a black envelope with the vinyl overlay that you place over the LED panel. If it’s not there, send us an email with some photos of the packaging and we can sort that out for you.

There’s an error or fault with my clothing, how can we fix this?

If there is a manufacturing error, such as seam issues, broken zippers or printing issues, send us an email with your order number and some photos of what the issue is and we can organise a replacement as long as it’s within 30 days of delivery. Please be aware we review these on a case by case basis and cannot offer replacements for misuse or user error.